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8720 Muir Dr, Keller, TX 76244

8720 Muir Dr, Keller, TX 76244


(817) 718-4352


“The Only Limitation Is Your Imagination!” All Things Paracord & More designs and produces the highest quality custom-made collars, leashes, leads, pull straps, harnesses and more for the luckiest service dogs, pets and best friends. You and your best friend will be proud to wear our quality products that have been designed and crafted specifically for you to your exact specifications. Are you tired of only having two colors of service dog gear to choose from? All Things Paracord & More provides over 180 different color combinations to choose from. Never again will you need to settle for something “off the shelf” of the big discount store after everyone has picked through the limited supply leaving you with something that “will have to do for now.” Instead, you can now design your own custom-made products that will meet your every need and your actual intended purpose for less money than that substandard, wrong colored, ill fittng junk that you’ve settled for from discount pet store.

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